Nathalie Potts
Preschool Director

Digital Applications

  •  IMPORTANT–If you pay the application fee through ClearGive, you must pay the user fee. The fee is $2. (The application fee is $15, which will make it $17). Do not change the amount on ClearGive. You will be charged the fee regardless.

    Registration for the 2019-2020 school year starts on Monday, January 21st. The applications will be closed and not open until midnight. Applications that are submitted before January 21st will not be accepted. Each application is time stamped and dated. The spots are first come first serve HOWEVER we do have preferences for siblings, past families, and church members. After you have submitted an application, you will receive an email on Friday, January 25th letting you know if you have a spot or if your child is on the waiting list. 

    NEW: 2’s MWF: For the first month of school (September 10th -October 5th) the class will be a Monday-Friday class at a special rate of $310. This is only for one month, and once in October the class will be Monday/Wednesday/Friday like usual. This is purely to help the students adjust to coming to the schedule and routine.


     Two’s and Three’s Application 2019-2020

    VPK/Pre-K Application 2019-2020


    If you would like to fill out an application for this year, please print out the applications provided below. Scan the application once it is completed and you can email it to

     2’s and 3’s Open Application Form 2018-2019

    VPK Open Application 2018-2019